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The professional anti-spam solution for your business
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The uncompromising anti-spam solution

SolutionSpam offers a complete, high-performance upstream filtering solution that filters all content at risk: spam, viruses, spoofing, “phishing” for private data, spyware and denial of service.

10 reasons to use SolutionSpam

1. Substantial time saving
2. Increased security (constant automatic update of antivirus filters)
3. Guaranteed reliability (false positive rate around 0.001%)
4. Does not require any configuration on your part
5. No software to install
6. No update required (constant automatic update)
7. Does not slow down your network and your computer (contrary to installed software)
8. Compatible with all platforms (Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Mac OS, etc.)
9. Reduces your bandwidth consumption
10. Peace of mind (it looks after everything)


Nothing to install, configure and update.
In addition to liberating users from spam harassment, SolutionSpam frees your IT team. With SolutionSpam, there’s nothing to install, nothing to configure, nothing to update, no manual to read, no training to take, no complex interface to master, no setting to modify. Your administrators can devote their time to more strategic tasks than managing the anti-spam solution. No more continual development and injection of new filtering rules to try to adapt the anti-spam solution to evolving spam; SolutionSpam takes charge of this and saves clients hundreds of dollars a week, simply by freeing their skilled personnel.

Superior technical assistance

SolutionSpam is associated with a superior technical assistance service offered by our email specialists and accessible at all times.

An evolving service

SolutionSpam architecture evolves constantly to adapt to the changes in techniques used by spammers. The millions of emails filtered each day by the company allow the SolutionSpam technical team to monitor this evolution in real time and adapt the system components and the filtering rules accordingly.

Confidentiality guaranteed

Written commitment.
SolutionSpam gives all its clients a written guarantee that their communications will not be recorded, archived or reproduced. SolutionSpam also makes a written commitment to protect the confidentiality of its clients’ email address lists and not to disclose, assign or sell them to third parties. This clause is part of the Conditions of Use of SolutionSpam sent to all clients when they join. What other service provider with the theoretical possibility of accessing your email content offers you such a written commitment?

Save thousands of dollars

with SolutionSpam
How will you save?
Here for example a simple method to calculate the savings with SolutionSpam service: At a rate of $20 X 10 minutes per day X 5 days = 1 000 minutes per week. Multiply by 50 weeks, you get 50,000 minutes, or 833.33 hours at an average hourly rate of 20$ = 16,666$.

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Average hourly rate of your employees  

Real-time anti-spam statistics

from our servers
Here is the overall level of spam received and processed by the SolutionSpam filtering nodes for the last period. The ratio of rejected messages to legitimate messages is expressed as a percentage. Recently the spam level exceeded 90% of connection attempts.
92% 93% 95% 93% 94% 97% 98%
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

Testimonials by our clients

Saved nearly $1,500 with SolutionSpam
In just 6 months of use, I saved nearly $1,500 with SolutionSpam.
André Dionne, Communications AD
Increased productivity
We saved 1 hour of work per employee per week. With 30 employees this represents nearly 1,500 hours at year end. That’s enough to distribute a nice bonus to everyone.
Martine Gagnon, Laval

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