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The professional anti-spam solution for your business
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Our infrastructure

SolutionSpam's services are hosted in a premium data center based on world-class industry standards located in the strategic location of Montreal. Our Internet Data Center provides the physical environment necessary to keep servers up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Physical and Procedural Security

Security is enforced through the use of strict entrance control procedures. The datacenter’s key security features include:

. Comprehensive video surveillance
. Card access to the building, elevators and datacenter
. Card access restricted areas accessible only to key personnel
. Locked cages, cabinets, and racks with keys distributed at login

Fire Suppression

The datacenter is equipped with redundant fire suppression systems consisting of smoke and heat sensors that trigger automatic fire department notification as well as fire suppression equipment.

The datacenter’s key fire suppression features include:

. A multi-zone smoke and fire detection system
. A dual action dry pipe sprinkler system that fills up but will not release water until the tip of the
  sprinkler is burned
. Floors and ceiling made of concrete to enable the isolation of fires
. Numerous fire extinguishers situated throughout the facility

Climate Control

The datacenter's climate control system has multiple air conditioning units to ensure proper heat dissipation. In the unlikely event that one system should fail, the other units are able to assume the full load of cooling the equipment.

The datacenter's key climate control features include:

. Redundant computer room type air conditioning is provided by four Liebert air conditioners
. Units are on essential power to ensure proper environmental conditions are maintained in the event
  of a utility power failure
. 24x7 monitoring of room temperature, diesel systems, and rectifiers by Systems Operations
  Centre (SOC) personnel
. 24x7 on-call Property Services group to address abnormal environmental conditions; and 24x7
  on-call personnel to address abnormal diesel system and power conditions

Power Supply

SolutionSpam maintains a completely redundant power management system within the datacenter through the use of multiple Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) and diesel generator systems.

The datacenter's key power supply features include:

. Essential power and Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) capable of running the datacenter
  at full load (approximately 500 servers) for 90 minutes
. A standby diesel generator capable of supporting the entire electrical load for the core network,
  servers, and management tools (e.g. monitoring platform, security, etc.) for three days at full load
. Dual power supply provided to each hardware rack
. A single point grounding system

Redundant Internet Backbone

Scalable and reliable bandwidth is critical to the smooth functioning of Internet-based applications, and SolutionSpam has designed an Internet backbone infrastructure that provides the bandwidth and redundancy necessary for reliable access.

There are four OC3 connections from the datacenter to the Allstream (our main network provider) backbone. Should one of the routers be impacted, traffic flows to the remaining OC3s. There are physically redundant paths in and out of the facility. Allstream boasts a strong peering architecture with multiple transit providers and numerous peers. This infrastructure ensures high availability and performance for continuous service to clients.

Save thousands of dollars

with SolutionSpam
How will you save?
Here for example a simple method to calculate the savings with SolutionSpam service: At a rate of $20 X 10 minutes per day X 5 days = 1 000 minutes per week. Multiply by 50 weeks, you get 50,000 minutes, or 833.33 hours at an average hourly rate of 20$ = 16,666$.

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Real-time anti-spam statistics

from our servers
Here is the overall level of spam received and processed by the SolutionSpam filtering nodes for the last period. The ratio of rejected messages to legitimate messages is expressed as a percentage. Recently the spam level exceeded 90% of connection attempts.
92% 93% 95% 93% 94% 97% 98%
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Testimonials by our clients

Saved nearly $1,500 with SolutionSpam
In just 6 months of use, I saved nearly $1,500 with SolutionSpam.
André Dionne, Communications AD
Increased productivity
We saved 1 hour of work per employee per week. With 30 employees this represents nearly 1,500 hours at year end. That’s enough to distribute a nice bonus to everyone.
Martine Gagnon, Laval

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