SolutionSpam - The professional anti-spam solution for your business

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The professional anti-spam solution for your business
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Increase your company’s productivity

Did you know that an average of 85% of the emails you receive are really spam? This number is increasing constantly. Imagine the time-related costs for each employee to process this spam and the resulting loss of productivity. SolutionSpam does all the work for you at a fraction of the cost.

Starting from $1,50/month

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Efficiency depends on security

Secure your operations once and for all with SolutionSpam, the most effective anti-spam solution on the market.

SolutionSpam systematically blocks spam before it reaches your workstations. You don’t have to set up any configuration or install anti-spam software on each desktop, and your network is always free of congestion. All the management is handled by SolutionSpam.

12 defense layers

. Network Denial of Service Protection
. Rate Control
. IP Reputation Analysis
. Sender Authentication
. Recipient Verification
. Virus Scanning
. Policy (User-specified rules)
. Spam Fingerprint Check
. Intent Analysis
. Image Analysis
. Bayesian Analysis
. Rule-based Scoring

More than a simple anti-spam
SolutionSpam protects you against:

. Junk Mail (spam)
. Viruses
. Mystification
. Data phishing
. Spyware (Attachments)
. Denial of Service
Architecture of our system
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Our infrastructure

The services offered by SolutionSpam are hosted at a high-performance data centre configured to first-quality industry standards. Located at a protected strategic location in Montréal, our centre provides the environment required to keep the servers in operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Reliability, safety, affordability.

. Physical and administrative security
. Fire protection
. Climate regulation
. Redundant power supply system
. Redundant Internet backbone

Some of our customers protected by our anti-spam service

Save thousands of dollars

with SolutionSpam
How will you save?
Here for example a simple method to calculate the savings with SolutionSpam service: At a rate of $20 X 10 minutes per day X 5 days = 1 000 minutes per week. Multiply by 50 weeks, you get 50,000 minutes, or 833.33 hours at an average hourly rate of 20$ = 16,666$.

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Real-time anti-spam statistics

from our servers
Here is the overall level of spam received and processed by the SolutionSpam filtering nodes for the last period. The ratio of rejected messages to legitimate messages is expressed as a percentage. Recently the spam level exceeded 90% of connection attempts.
92% 93% 95% 93% 94% 97% 98%
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

Testimonials by our clients

Saved nearly $1,500 with SolutionSpam
In just 6 months of use, I saved nearly $1,500 with SolutionSpam.
André Dionne, Communications AD
Increased productivity
We saved 1 hour of work per employee per week. With 30 employees this represents nearly 1,500 hours at year end. That’s enough to distribute a nice bonus to everyone.
Martine Gagnon, Laval

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