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The professional anti-spam solution for your business
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How can I obtain a demonstration of the product?
Call us at 514-227-0864 to obtain a 2-month trial period free of charge.

Is there an extra charge for the virus blocking functionalities?
No. There is nothing extra to pay for virus blocking functionalities.

How can I be sure that my email will remain confidential?
The email is processed inside the equipment. Respect for confidentiality is also an integral part of SolutionSpam.

Do I risk obtaining false positives?
Our false positive rate is one of the lowest in the sector. For any false positive, the sender will receive a notice of non-delivery telling him that his email did not reach its destination.

How is spam filtered?
The inbound email is routed through the SolutionSpam servers. The spam is flagged, quarantined or blocked, depending on the client’s preferences. Reliable email is authorized to proceed to the addressee.

How is quarantined email processed?
Quarantined email is transferred to a mailbox specified by the administrator. Except for viruses, the email messages are stored in their entirety and can be recovered in case of need for a 30-day period. The quarantined email is stored for each user.

What are spam scoring and Bayesian analysis?
1. Spam scoring is a rules-based system (about 4,000 rules) that looks for characteristics in an email message. The spam scores are used to determine what it is appropriate to do with these messages. They do not contribute directly to the future analysis.

2. Bayesian analysis also contributes to spam scoring. It is based on the use of electronic messages that you flag as SPAM or ACCEPTABLE MAIL.

Will SolutionSpam run on my network configuration?
Yes. SolutionSpam runs on all common network configurations.

Is it possible for each user to define his own analysis/flagging preferences?

How can the user interact with SolutionSpam ?
SolutionSpam servers are equipped with a user-friendly interface.

What is the MS Exchange accelerator and how does it work?
A "dictionary" or NDR (Non-Delivery Report) attack consists of a spam series that tries to reach all the possible addressee names on a server. Microsoft Exchange protects you from this type of attack by accepting messages for all addressees instead of rejecting the invalid addressees : this approach doesn’t let the sender know which accounts are valid. Unfortunately, this frequently overloads the Exchange server’s central processing unit because it always sends one or more Non-Delivery Reports for each invalid addressee.

The SolutionSpam MSExchange accelerator uses the LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) integrated into Exchange to validate the addressees before delivering the messages to the MS Exchange server. This avoids consumption of valuable resources.

What must I do if I have other questions?
If you have more technical questions, don’t hesitate to contact the SolutionSpam team at 514-227-0864.

Save thousands of dollars

with SolutionSpam
How will you save?
Here for example a simple method to calculate the savings with SolutionSpam service: At a rate of $20 X 10 minutes per day X 5 days = 1 000 minutes per week. Multiply by 50 weeks, you get 50,000 minutes, or 833.33 hours at an average hourly rate of 20$ = 16,666$.

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Real-time anti-spam statistics

from our servers
Here is the overall level of spam received and processed by the SolutionSpam filtering nodes for the last period. The ratio of rejected messages to legitimate messages is expressed as a percentage. Recently the spam level exceeded 90% of connection attempts.
92% 93% 95% 93% 94% 97% 98%
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Testimonials by our clients

Saved nearly $1,500 with SolutionSpam
In just 6 months of use, I saved nearly $1,500 with SolutionSpam.
André Dionne, Communications AD
Increased productivity
We saved 1 hour of work per employee per week. With 30 employees this represents nearly 1,500 hours at year end. That’s enough to distribute a nice bonus to everyone.
Martine Gagnon, Laval

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